My work centers on the patterns, colors and textures of the natural world. I am drawn to the decomposition and evolution of objects: spring growth, the erosion of land by waterways, corroded metal, the destruction of wood by insects, fungal growths; the record left from the interaction of objects, elements, creatures, and cultures through their cycles of destruction and rebirth.

I capture these images in photographs and use the pictures in the initial stage of design or use them as direct material in my pieces. I use my own surface designed fabrics in my work. The spontaneous nature of surface design often leads my creative process. I work intuitively: drawing ideas from the material at hand and expanding from there. I include natural objects in my work: stones, bark, fossils, metals, as well as ancient maps and writings; documenting their travel through time.



Bueller YMCA, Palatine, IL

Milwaukee Street Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

Miya Gallery, Weaverville, NC

Illinios Artisan Galleries

Fourth Street Gallery, Covington, IN


"Abstractions" Deerpath Gallery, Lake Forest, IL

"The Sky's the Limit", International Quilt Festival: Houston, TX; Chicago, IL; Portland, OR. International Quilt Market: Houston, TX

"Membership Exhibition", Visions Art Quilt Gallery, San Diego, CA.

Solo exhibition: Prospect Heights Public Library

"Fine Art of Fiber" Chicago, IL

"Parade of Quilts", Whittington, Illinois

"Fiber Renaissance" - Greater Chicago Quilt Exposition, Schaumburg, IL; Union Street Gallery, Chicago Heights, IL; Flint Festival of Quilts, Flint, MI

Haus Gallery, Chicago, IL

Anderson Arts Center, Kenosha, WI

Miya Gallery: Weaverville, NC

Illinois Artisan Galleries: Chicago, IL; Whittington,IL; Lewistown, IL


Solo Show, Clarbour Medical Practice

"Fine Art of Fiber", Chicago, IL

"Hand Woven, Hand Dyed: Fiber in the Spirit of the Silk Road", Chicago, IL

"Leave the Quilting to Me", Whittington, IL

Miya Gallery: Weaverville, NC

Illinois Artisan Galleries: Chicago, IL; Whittington,IL; Lewistown, IL

International Quilt Festival, Rosemont, IL

International Quilt Festival, Houston, TX

International Quilt Market , Houston, TX

American Quilter's Society Show, Paducah, KY

Fiber Celebration 2005, Longmont, CO

Illinois Artisan Gallery, Whittington, IL

Skyway Art Competition, Palos Hills, IL

Illinois Artisan Gallery, Whittington, IL

Harrison Gallery, Oak Park, IL


Cover article, Pioneer Press 2005

Article, Chicago Tribune 2005

Studio Art Quilt Associates Portfolio 12, Porfolio 13, 14, 15

Public collections

Beth El Synagogue, Northbrook, IL